What Is AS9100 Certification and Why It’s an Imperative Requirement of Your Aerospace Supplier

What Is AS9100 Certification and Why It’s an Imperative Requirement of Your Aerospace Supplier

As an elemental player in the aerospace industry you know you can’t skimp on quality and
safety standards. But how well do you understand the certifications your supplier has to acquire
to distribute the parts for the equipment you manufacture? For any aerospace supplier you want
to absolutely make sure they are up-to- date with AS9100 quality and safety standards. To break
it down for you, etaGLOBAL answers the question, “What is AS9100 certification?”, and
explains the importance of partnering with a company who meets these stringent requirements.
AS9100 Certification Ensures Your Mission and Products Are Ready for Action
For an aerospace supplier to obtain a listing through the Online Aerospace Supplier Information
System (OASIS), a company must comply with the most recent AS9100 requirements and stay
current with any revisions. The certification focuses on improving a supplier’s quality
management system, emphasizing regulatory compliance and product traceability. etaGLOBAL
is AS9100-certified, allowing us to meet each customer’s specifications and deliver products
designed for inimitable performance.
As a client of aerospace suppliers, an AS9100 certification serves your company in a variety of
ways. Five chief advantages include:

1. Improved Customer Satisfaction – AS9100 is not only the internationally recognized
standard for aerospace quality management, but is also the standardized expectation for
government contracting. Companies such as etaGLOBAL are required to place even
greater focus on a customer’s needs, helping us deliver top satisfaction with every

2. Improved Decision Making – When a supplier is AS9100-certified, they are more
careful about making solid decisions based on evidence and data to back up inventory
between audits. When we spend more time understanding the details behind each
decision, we are made more accountable or system’s effectiveness, thus creating a
ripple effect of enhanced quality.

3. Employees Who Care – Aside from our employees owning a part of our company and
being personally invested, thanks to our ESOP model [Link to ESOP blog], our team
members are also involved in ensuring AS9100 compliance. By engaging our employees
with quality and safety standards, we as a company stand for and facilitate the rigorous
requirements you expect.

4. Strong Supplier-Client Relationships – A supplier’s relationship with its clients should
be the top priority of any company. Due to our dedication to upholding our standards, we
work closely with our clients to evaluate feedback and provide customer support,
improving lead times, deliveries, and increased speed to market.

5. Dedicated to Improvement – The AS9100 certification drives suppliers to constantly
improve the quality management system over time, known as continual improvement.
This continual improvement affects all aspects of the company and the supplier-client
relationship, keeping products, safety standards, quality control, and the overall
atmosphere in a constant trend of upward development.
As an aerospace supplier certified to AS9100, we’d like to see all our clients and clients of other
suppliers fully aware of what an AS9100 certification implies. These quality and safety
standards are essential and define the difference between a company you can maintain a
relationship with and one to pass by. For more questions about AS9100 certification, contact us
at etaGLOBAL today.