Aerospace Supply Chain Management Steps to Streamline Success

Aerospace Supply Chain Management Steps to Streamline Success

Your company’s success is reflected in the health and efficiency of its supply chain. The more effective your supply chain is managed, the better you will be able to meet your organization’s strategic and financial goals. At etaGLOBAL, we leverage integrating the OEM’s current system to save time, increase accuracy, and provide a higher level of value to your customers. With this aspect of supply chain management, we’re able to strengthen your company across all levels. 

In today’s blog we break down the strategies we suggest our customers adopt to manage a complex supply chain. These strategies include assimilation of existing technologies, vertical integration, monitoring supplier network security, and sales and operation planning. 

Strategies Employed 

Incorporating Existing Technologies – When streamlining a company’s supply chain, we first look at integrating the existing technologies used by the OEM. For example, if an OEM uses a portal, we would automatically incorporate the portal, minimizing any manual steps. This automation includes ingoing and outgoing communication via API, CxML, SFTP, and other file transfer systems.  

Vertical Integration – We encourage our customers to apply vertical integration to their business structure to gain tighter control over their supply chain. By utilizing vertical integration, you can reduce operating costs by diminishing supplier margins. Vertical integration also gives companies the ability to manage fluctuating product specifications, according to the evolution of market demand. Staying on top of trends and adjusting to them helps cut costs and keeps you on top of industry changes. 

Monitoring Network Security – In today’s digital age, the world will only see an increase in the threat of cyber-attacks. For this reason, we encourage all our customers and companies we partner with to build a strong fortress of cybersecurity around their systems. You also want to make sure that your major suppliers are just as secure from cyber threats. As a premier global supplier, etaGLOBAL has gone the extra mile in ensuring our data and systems are fully protected. 

Sales and Operation Planning – You can only make the best decisions when you apply a unified data modeling solution that blends aspects of demand, market changes, supply, and monthly financial markers. Once you have this solution in place, you can plan for sales and operations to prepare you for the future and multiple markets, keeping you competitive and efficient. 

etaGLOBAL Keeps You on the Edge of Tomorrow 

We are a leader in A&D supply chain management and lean solutions. Stay on top of your niche and maintain an effective supply chain with etaGLOBAL. To discuss your company’s strategy, contact us today.