Don Flewell

September 5, 2018

Why Worker-Owned Companies Are Making America Successful

Many would agree that the economic imbalance in the United States is staggering. The gap between the 1% of the super wealthy and the 99% of […]
August 6, 2018

Supplier Cost Reduction Strategies: Building Strengths for a More Competitive Future

Within the last month, we have been introducing steps to cutting supplier costs in a three-part series. Maintaining that achieving greater affordability is the key to […]
July 25, 2018

Cutting Supplier Costs, Part 2: Negotiating with Suppliers to Leverage the Market in Your Favor

Last month we talked about cutting supplier costs as part of a three-part series designed to help manufacturers increase revenue to keep up with the constantly […]
June 25, 2018

Cutting Supplier Costs: A 3-Part Process – Understanding the Supply Chain in the A&D Industries

  In spite of facing a tough market for the last several years, the global aerospace and defense (A&D) industry grew by 2.4% in 2016 and […]