Aviation & Aerospace Procurement – Is VMI a good fit for your business?

Aviation & Aerospace Procurement – Is VMI a good fit for your business?

Vendor Managed Inventory

Considering a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program to manage your aviation and aerospace fasteners? VMIs can bring an array of value to your inventory management process, but how do you know if it’s a good fit for your business? Here are three questions to help you decide.

#1: Are you spending too much time on sourcing and processing tasks?

How many RFQs and POs are you (or your team) processing every month? Do issues often arise that need your attention? Tired of sending emails, making phone calls, and waiting for replies? If sourcing and processing are keeping you in the weeds, it may be time to consider a VMI program.

ETA Global’s VMI program instantly eliminates your day-to-day bidding process. With purchasing logistic functions off-loaded, you and your team can focus on the core of your business and maximize your bottom line. And with our dedicated onsite personnel, we’re always there to answer your questions.

#2: Do you long for leaner inventory?

A lean model is good for business, but it’s also extremely difficult to achieve on your own. When you use VMI, the responsibility shifts, putting an experienced ETA expert in charge of meeting the unique needs of your fastener and parts management operation.

Our services include:

  • AS9100 certified modifications including special plating, passivation, grinding, lock wire drilling and more.
  • Full service bin replenishment systems, vendor managed inventory
  • Kitting services (on or off-site)
  • Cost Savings Analysis
    • Introducing new and innovative products that reduce assembly time, cost and product failure.
    • Second and third sourcing of critical, proprietary, or long lead time problematic parts.
    • Combining BOM’s to find commonly used parts to reduce unit costs and redundant purchases.
    • Designing the best VMI program to fit your specific and unique work environment.
  • Automated processes, we can minimize your supply chain impact and streamline your inventory flow.
  • Bin management (including traditional Kanban and JIT programs)
  • Point of use replenishment
  • Customize bar coding & label formatting
  • Onsite personnel and storage areas available
  • System adjustable to meet customer design and demand

#3: Would consistent pricing help your bottom line?

Partnerships in VMI streamline and eliminate many of the time-consuming and inconsistent pricing negotiations you face on an ongoing basis. With ETA Global’s VMI partnership, you’ll reap the rewards of consolidated billing and long-term contract pricing.

Ready to get started or learn more about ETA Global’s VMI program? Contact us today at: 800-950-6939 or [email protected].