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Bob Spence, President + CEO

As a marathoner and as an executive leader, going the distance has been a way of life for etaGLOBAL president and CEO Bob Spence. Though new to the aerospace and defense industry, Bob draws from his 25+ years of experience developing impactful distribution and technology solutions for business.

Bob’s admirable core traits—his solid leadership skills, strong character, and singular determination to accomplish any mission as it arises, while leading his team to success—were likely refined during his tour with the U.S. Marine Corps, where he specialized in military intelligence.   

Following his tour of duty, Bob joined the management program at International Paper and quickly rose to become leader of their division in Orlando, Florida. A decade later, he joined a handful of other executives in starting American Sanitary (later selling that business to Home Depot).

In 2000, Bob started OMNISOLV, which grew rapidly from its startup state into a healthy business generating $80M annually in just 12 years. Proving that entrepreneurship is part of Bob’s DNA, he sold OMNISOLV to a private equity group before launching a spend management technology company called SpendBoss.  

Despite appearances to the contrary, neither Marines nor CEOs can live happily on adrenaline alone. To balance that scale, Bob takes time to relax and unwind by diving into a good book or imbibing in a specially-selected wine chosen from his carefully cultivated collection.

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