Employee-Owned Businesses Make Life Better for Everyone Involved

Employee-Owned Businesses Make Life Better for Everyone Involved

Employee Ownership benefits customers and ourselves

Employee ownership means different things for different companies, but essentially it refers to a business model where the company’s employees own shares of the company stock. Although varied in practice, this idea can manifest itself from simple grants to complex structured plans. Multiple reasons for adopting employee ownership exist. Companies may choose this model to build employee retirement security, enhance company performance, ensure quality control, minimize tax burdens, or empower employee voices. At etaGLOBAL, we utilize the employee-owned model or ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) for several reasons. The chief advantages we have found is that we have improved speed to market and overall high-quality performance because our employees are literally invested in the company they work for. We also have improved our ability to recruit and retain top talent, which naturally strengthens the relationship between our customers and employees, further empowering etaGLOBAL as a a preferred source for our partners.

The Secret of Our Success

It’s really no secret; our success is due to the talent and skill of the amazing people who make up our company and the customers we get to partner with. Without everyone who has helped build our company culture and expanded our capabilities, we could not be at the level we are. The value of our employee-owners brings added empowerment, motivation, and investment to the infrastructure, allowing us to continue to offer the service and products for which our reputation is known.

100% Employee-Owned Means 100% for the Customer

Every single team member at etaGLOBAL is part of our company for the same reason: to serve our customers and provide the best service experience with each relationship we form. The value we see in our employee-owned model translates directly to the value we place in each customer partnership. Feel good investing in etaGLOBAL because we are invested in you.

For more information on the services we offer and our mission to our customers, give us a call today. We’re excited to bring you on board.