ESOP and etaGLOBAL: Top 5 Reasons Why Our Biz Model Is Your Most Valuable Resource

ESOP and etaGLOBAL: Top 5 Reasons Why Our Biz Model Is Your Most Valuable Resource

Investing in a supplier partnership for aerospace and defense hardware and consumables needs to make you feel as secure as the vessels and vehicles you build. At etaGLOBAL, we have been a trusted distributor of the highest-quality engineered fasteners, gauges, chemicals, electronic components, and other elements required to develop the combat aircraft, commercial rockets, surface ships or military applications for which your brand is known.

Because we’re more than just a transactional port of parts, we sold our company to our employees in 2007 using an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan). As it sounds, an ESOP provides employees with stock ownership or shares, which are kept in a trust until an employee retires or leaves the country. By making this move, we believe we positioned not only our shareholders and employees, but also our customers, to fully benefit from the etaGLOBAL culture.

Whether you’re a procurement buyer or quality director, our ESOP model offers these top five advantages to you and your organization:

  1. Form a relationship, not a sales transaction. We’re personally invested in our employees, which means we’re personally invested in you. Because we are employee-owned and -operated, we also have the flexibility and personability of a small business with all the diversity and high-performance capability of a large enterprise. When you work with people who care about your individual organization and projects, you know you get a quality, intuitive relationship for life instead of a one-time sale.
  2. Quality service level backed by the people who make it possible. From buyers to quality control, the service level you receive from us cycles through many hands before it arrives at your shipping dock. Our employees, thanks to the ESOP model, essentially hold stock in the product you receive. A sense of pride and ownership is reflected in every service level, ensuring that you’ll receive components backed by every team member at etaGLOBAL.
  3. Connect with the people behind the products. ESOP companies are known for the treating their employees with compassion and equality. Know you’re partnering with etaGLOBAL as a whole, fulfilling jobs and positive employee-company relations.
  4. Promote a positive business model. Among many benefits ESOP employees receive, a big one is accessing returns on the years of work they put into the company. All employees capitalize on annual tax benefits and build their shares throughout the duration of employment.
  5. Stick with a sustainable company. ESOPs are 25% more likely to stay in business, which means you can trust that the service level you require will be always be available. etaGLOBAL will remain the steadfast company you partner with for years to come.

Develop and design any vehicle or vessel in aerospace and defense with components from etaGLOBAL. With 40 years of industry experience and reputation for speed to market that spans continents, we’re the partners you need on land, air, or sea. For more information on ESOP organizations and how we can connect, contact us today.