Feeling Secure with etaGLOBAL

Feeling Secure with etaGLOBAL

“Feel secure from air, land, sea and space.”

While our customers may be familiar with our company mantra, they may not realize how seriously we take this commitment or how dedicated we are to ensuring that sense of security at all times.

When it comes to aerospace and defense, the reliability and safety of all of our parts—from fasteners and seals to bearings and gauges—is critical whether they’re used on or above the earth. Additionally, feeling secure comes from the peace of mind knowing parts are delivered on time, all the time while meeting the highest standards of quality and full traceability.

We take this responsibility to heart and, to ensure we deliver on this promise, we’ve worked for more than 45 years to align with the industry’s best and most trustworthy manufacturers of military and commercial aerospace parts and components. But that’s not the only reason for our profound dedication. This pledge also matters to us because etaGLOBAL isn’t just a place where we work. As a 100% employee-owned company, each one of us is an owner with a vested interest in making sure our customers are delighted by every interaction and deeply satisfied with our products and performance. How do we do it? By putting our customers first and filtering everything we do through our company’s four key values:

  • Reliability Is In Our DNA: Our reputation of integrity, trust and loyalty within the aerospace supplier community make it possible for us to deliver exactly what our customers need, when and where they need it.
  • Quality Is Key: Our system ensures the highest standards of quality for all of our products and services, guaranteeing our customers’ security, confidence and satisfaction.
  • Solutions Are Our Passion: We use our expertise and technologies to create customized solutions designed to help our customers reach their goals and overcome their challenges.
  • Innovative Systems Designed Especially for Each Business: Our tailored ordering, tracking and reporting platforms help our customers monitor their supply chain easily and efficiently.

These values are nurtured from within. With customer satisfaction at the forefront, our employee-owners are empowered to take action and implement unique solutions at their discretion. Each team member has the authority to make decisions, respond to customers’ questions, recommend or replace products or services, or expedite requests to accommodate our clients’ needs.

We believe in what we’re doing and enjoy working together to remove the obstacles that may be blocking our customers’ way. Making the choice to uphold our company’s values and keep them top-of-mind each day helps all of us work toward achieving the same important goal: making sure that etaGLOBAL customers feel secure partnering with us, buying our products, experiencing our commitment to quality, trusting our on-time delivery performance, and receiving simply the best service at all times.