Find a Lean Supply Chain Partner

Find a Lean Supply Chain Partner

What would you do with an extra hour each day? Would you use it productively and efficiently? Or would it somehow be filled with activity that doesn’t impact the bottom-line or grow your company?

In aerospace manufacturing, time-consuming and costly waste can clutter efficiency and clog production. How can your supply chain partners help eliminate excess and boost your bottom line?  Consider the points of excess – stockpiles of inventory requiring more storage and tying up cash, point-of-use bottlenecks due to ineffective part replenishment, wasted time searching for quality documents,  overdose of lead-time changes, missing quality documentation, excess waiting for supplier updates, too many vendors to keep up with, surplus of spreadsheet activity, and a surplus on-time delivery delays.  It’s more and more and more and more! With ever-increasing customer expectations, rising cost-pressures and supply chain volatility, you need less and less and less and less in order to get things done.

Lean concepts are nothing new to the aerospace industry.  The concepts of starting nothing until it will be finished, buying nothing until it will be used and producing nothing until its ordered are the basic tenants of Lean.  Everyone in your supply chain is aware of it and speaks to it.  But how many of your suppliers take action to actually help you achieve your performance goals? Talk is cheap.

Partner with a supplier that is focused on your outcomes, one that will align with you and your processes from start to finish, recognizing the value of time-saving.  Suppliers today should be able to provide you visibility and real-time access to the information you need to make fast, accurate and confident decisions. Additionally, a valued partner can collaborate with you on process improvement and provide mutually beneficial customized managed inventory solutions that meet your specific requirements. 

Find out how etaGLOBAL can make you feel secure by partnering with a lean-focused, customer-obsessed supply chain partner.