Finding Disconnects within your Supply Chain

Finding Disconnects within your Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Throughout your aerospace supply chain operation, there are many points where disconnects can happen. Sometimes it’s an isolated event and other times it’s an ongoing occurrence. Realizing the points of disconnect within your supply chain is key to improving processes and ensure ongoing, consistent, success.


Data Disconnect


Whether it’s outdated software or disconnect between multiple software systems, technical limitations can create major roadblocks for supply chain managers. Knowledge is power, and when you’re limited to a fragmented view of your supply chain operations, it’s a big weakness.

From modeling and projections to the connections between data, processes and people, aerospace supply chain systems are complex. Improved visibility and streamlined systems means increased efficiency and accuracy every step of the way.


If technical limitations are a problem for your business, a great starting place is to create a list of the issues. If you can’t solve the issues with in-house technical resources, consider turning your list into an RFP to find the perfect (preferably all-in-one) supply chain management solution.


Communication Disconnect


Much of supply base management comes down to the effectiveness of two-way communication with your suppliers. It’s not easy to achieve the right quality, right delivery time, right supplier and right total cost on a consistent basis. Sometimes the breakdown of communication occurs on your side—lack of clarity or detail with what you need. In other cases, your team does a great job with clear instruction, but the supplier interpretation is wrong.


Step one is to learn from the failures of the past. Talk to your team often and take the time to record and assess where and how communication breakdowns have occurred. Then, develop a strategy to avoid pitfalls. Some examples of strategy in action include: staff checklists, consistency with collaboration and communication tools, and improved visibility through new processes or technology. Recording issues can also help with faster identification of suppliers and/or staff members who are consistently problematic.


Evolving your Process


Managing your aerospace hardware supply chain is more than keeping the status quo—it’s an ever-evolving process with many moving parts. Realizing the points of disconnect within your operation is an opportunity to build a better process, now and in the future.


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