Let etaGLOBAL Be Your Anchor: Why We Are the Aerospace Hardware Distributor You Can Rely On

Let etaGLOBAL Be Your Anchor: Why We Are the Aerospace Hardware Distributor You Can Rely On


At etaGLOBAL, we have a saying: “Feel secure from air, land, or sea.” Whether your company specializes in shuttles, tanks, ships, or planes, as one of America’s leading aerospace hardware distributors we are the go-to supplier for big league players in the aerospace and defense industry.

If you ask any of our customers why they choose our company they may mention the fact that we are AS9100-certified and swiftly fulfill diverse hardware requirements. Or they might rave about our extensive service level connections and high-performance processing capabilities.

But we think the underscoring reason our customers partner with us is our mission: to create lasting, intuitive relationships with clients that are as reliable and steadfast as the parts we supply. We maintain connections that last for decades, keeping your companies ahead of the competition, far into the future.

We’re Invested in Your Company  – To trust us is to know us. Our company’s cornerstones form the foundation upon which your security and success grows. etaGLOBAL is known for going above and beyond a traditional sales transaction, making us shine in four major areas:

Long-Term Relationship Building – We believe in connections over crunching numbers. When you access any of our service levels, you become part of the etaGLOBAL community where your requirements are prioritized, and you are treated with respect. By establishing a long-term relationship, we can remain intuitive and responsive to your organization, staying well ahead of stock and supply.

Speed to Market and High-Performance Processing – You don’t have time to wait on hardware arrival and we value your urgency. With etaGLOBAL expect increased speed to market, ensuring timely shipping of in-demand parts and enhanced productivity.

We also feature high-performance processing. As defense and aerospace hardware distributors, our outside processing capabilities mean minimized manufacturing costs and reduced overhead.

ESOP Strengths – We’re able to fully back our products and our company thanks to our ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) business model. After selling our company to our employees in 2007, we watched our service bloom. Because our employees are personally invested in shares of the company, the quality that accompanies each product is an extension of the overall pride each employee has for etaGLOBAL. And that pride is reflected in the service level you receive. 

Quality and Diversity – As a small business, we have the unique ability to offer a diverse portfolio of products, some of which are hard to secure or obsolete. Our knowledgeable sourcing team brings years of experience to each client relationship, helping you find exactly what you need, when you need it.

And each part and product also undergoes stringent quality inspections. Certified to AS9100, our in-house quality management system provides conformance to standards while still allowing us to accommodate each customer’s individual needs.

When you partner with etaGLOBAL, you’re partnering with people. For more information on how we can supply invaluable connections to your aerospace and defense developments, contact us today.