Matthew Butcher, VP of Supply Chain Solutions


Leading the way in aerospace and defense innovation.

Matthew Butcher, VP of Supply Chain Solutions

As Vice President of Supply Chain Management, Matthew brings over 15 years of experience in blending technical proficiency with results-driven business savvy, creating a synergistic effect in supply chain management and reform deployment. He brings a singular focus on getting things done to support development and launch of new material management, distribution and warehousing processes. Differentiation and growth in fiercely competitive markets are his specialty.

Prior to his time with etaGLOBAL, Matthew held senior leadership positions in logistics specialties at Sentry Control systems/SKIDATA Group, Aerospace Control Systems, Meggitt Control Systems, Suburban Propane, and SPS Technologies.

Matthew has global logistics leadership experience as a key decision maker in mission- critical applications, a perfect background to leverage when he and his family enjoy getaways together.

Serving the aerospace and defense sector
for over 40 years.

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