One Fastener Does Not Fit All – Why Custom Tool Heads Are Increasing Aerospace Industry Production

One Fastener Does Not Fit All – Why Custom Tool Heads Are Increasing Aerospace Industry Production

One Fastener Does Not Fit All – Why Custom Tool Heads Are Increasing Aerospace Industry


The demand for passenger and freight aircraft continues to climb sky-high. Compared to one

year ago, Boeing recently predicted a 3% increase in aircraft manufacturing over the next two

decades¹. With all these planes being produced, aerospace manufacturers have felt pressured

to achieve greater levels of productivity. And given that there are 6 million parts on one 747, it

becomes clear that you need exceptional hardware to hold these fast-traveling vessels together

for heavy duty use.

To step up to this high-duty demand, specialty fasteners and custom tool heads have been

developed to enable this increased production volume. Designing higher-functioning tools

ensures added accuracy, safety, and consistency required to match the numbers.

Companies such as Ingersoll Rand® have come out with complex, custom tool heads to

maximize efficiency and safety². These precision fastening tools offer programmable torque

control, traceability, and batch count capabilities. These versatile parts can be attached to other

tools to enable adaptable fastening options, allowing multiple tools to be used across a wide

variety of aerospace production applications.

Most Common Custom Tool Head Options

Four common custom tool head options you’ll find currently in the market include geared offset,

compression fittings, “skinning” components, and hold- and drive-tool heads. Each custom tool

head bears a specific application for unique operations that may require a different fastener

shape and size.

Geared Offset – Geared offset tool heads fasten bolts with precision in hard-to-reach spaces.

The head is uniquely shaped so operators can easily get into small, difficult areas.

Compression Fitting Fasteners – These fasteners are ideal for the fluid or air lines of an

aircraft. Using a tube nut wrench, you can tighten this type of fastener around a line with enough

torque to reduce leaks and still easily remove the tool.

“Skinning” Components – These components usually involve constructing the outer shell of

the aircraft. “Skinning” is the assembling technique that requires a custom head that allows

operators to apply placeholder fasteners in previously drilled holes. This type of custom head

helps keeps the holes centered between metal panels until permanent fasteners are applied.

Hold and Drive – Hold and drive tool heads are created specifically for fasteners that

disengage once the necessary torque is applied.


etaGLOBAL Keeps You Updated on the Current Market

With the booming aerospace industry, it’s essential to stay in touch with the key tools currently

produced that will keep manufacturers efficient and effective. Aircraft developers need highly

accurate tools that provide flexible applications to uphold the stringent requirements for efficacy,

safety, and demand.

At etaGLOBAL, we are in touch with manufacturers producing custom tool heads and state-of-

the-art fasteners necessary to keep up with the aircraft output. For more information on custom

tool heads and the best options available to you, contact us today.