Outsourced kitting is better. Here’s why.

Outsourced kitting is better. Here’s why.

Kitting Bin of Parts

Kitting—in managing your aerospace and aviation parts, it’s not a new concept, but it remains one of the most effective strategies for boosting efficiency. When implemented correctly, kitting provides many benefits:

  • Easier operator training and reduced training costs
  • Efficient machine utilization (processes flow without line stoppage due to part shortages or searching for parts)
  • Reduced lead times
  • Reduced part damage from excess handling

However, when you outsource kitting, you reap even more benefits, including:

  • Simplified inventory. A kit of items simplifies inventory. It counts as one part number.
  • Customized packaging. Keep all parts secure and free of debris with no effort on your part.
  • Maximized warehouse space. When kitting happens off-site, you need not waste your own floor space on kitting. Just receive and go.
  • Improved productivity. Just as you save space, when outsource kitting services, your staff saves time too, and that means improved productivity in other tasks.
  • Reduced labor costs. Kitting parts is time-consuming work. If parts are not kitted, it is time-consuming for assemblers to search inventory, pull parts and log usage.
  • Consolidate special services. Special services like after-market plating can be handled as part of the usual kitting process before delivery, so there’s no additional vendor management or extra steps on your part.

Contact ETA Global for quality kitting services to accelerate and simplify your business operations. We’ve earned a reputation for trust and consistency with a 40-year history serving the defense, aerospace and aviation industries as a hardware supplier.

About ETA Global

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Consistently delivering value. We source what you need according to specifications, and we deliver it with the packaging that fits your needs. Our custom kitting service supports a simplified, efficient approach to supply chain and management, replacing many parts you manage with one simple kit. Additionally, through our network of trusted partners, we can also accommodate special services like after-market plating, delivering even more value through our kitting service.

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