Performance With Excellence – The Story of the etaGLOBAL Logo

Performance With Excellence – The Story of the etaGLOBAL Logo

The Story of the etaGLOBAL Logo

What if a logo could tell you the story of the etaGLOBAL brand…
…its mission
…its values
…its driving force


The etaGLOBAL insignia takes the shape of an open vertical wedge. It’s the shape of the delta wing. But the delta wing isn’t found on just any airplane.
For precision aircraft with the capacity for superior velocity, the delta wing brings enhanced speed and stability.
In a word, the delta wing brings performance.
Our focus on performance means bringing speed and stability to crafting the supplies and logistical capabilities our customers need.
And like the upward point of our logo, we are driven to always seek and maintain our course – true north – as we meet our mission.

Our mission is making people feel secure.
Anytime. Anywhere.


The vertical wedge shape of the etaGLOBAL insignia brings to mind the performance and skill of pilots in formation.
It’s the confidence conferred by mutual support and the ability to deliver solutions to enhance security, at any time and any place.
It’s knowing that at etaGLOBAL, we take our commitment to you seriously.
And we offer that mutual support grounded in values that are a critical part of how we operate.

Quality. Reliability. Solutions. Innovation.

These words govern the way we meet our mission in order to equip our customers to maintain the highest standards of mission readiness.
Anytime. Anywhere.


The etaGLOBAL insignia features a vertical wedge shape that is interrupted by an intentional break in the design.
It evokes the missing man formation, in honor of those who have paid the ultimate price as they have faithfully served our nation.
Lest we forget.
It’s a powerful reminder of the significance of the work we do each and every day.

We’re both humbled and empowered by the reality that the supplies and logistical services we provide are critically important to get right.
The first time.
Every time.

In that spirit, the font choices of the etaGLOBAL logo also communicates our commitment to our customers.
The name pairs a lowercase font with an uppercase font. These lettering styles were selected to signal our desire to always be approachable while providing the supplies and service to surpass our customers’ expectations and perform with excellence.

etaGLOBAL: Making people feel secure, anytime, anywhere.