Vendor Managed Inventory In Action: What to expect from etaGLOBAL

Vendor Managed Inventory In Action: What to expect from etaGLOBAL

Providing VMI to the A&D manufacturing industry, we understand that your chief objective is to

control costs and eliminate production downtime. Presenting lean solutions and on-demand

parts, our self-service VMI program emphasizes just-in-time (JIT) delivery to ensure smooth production

and on-time performance.

How etaGLOBAL Self-Service Works

With our self-service option, it begins with an automatic bin system that signals etaGLOBAL the

moment we need to replenish your stock. We provide two bins filled with inventory to your floor –

the current usage bin and then safety stock. You, the customer, consume the inventory from the initial

bin, with the second bin waiting. Once you deplete the first bin and open the second, you notify

etaGLOBAL, which automatically triggers a replenishment order, signaling a new invoice. You

are not billed until the safety stock has been opened.

Bin management software makes replenishment a snap. The buyer initially retriggers

replenishment by scanning the bin, which sends a re-order signal when parts are low.

Scanning technology also makes it possible for product requirements and bar code labeling to

be electronically transferred.

Then you, the buyer, would connect the scanner to a computer that automatically transmits to the etaGLOBAL ordering platform. Once we receive the order, we process it automatically.

Products are packaged, bar-coded, and arrive at your dock, containing approximately one

month of stock in each bin.

Never again will you suffer late or missed parts replenishment, wasted time checking

inventory, supplier stock outs, spikes in labor expenses, and reductions in efficiency. These bins are also

configured to support large deployments and can rapidly fuel productivity.


etaGLOBAL Is Your Link to VMI Solutions

If you’re considering transferring your supply procurement to VMI, etaGLOBAL can get you

started on the process today. From consulting to rolling out a company-wide strategy, we

emphasize continuity and seamless communication to deliver AS9100D-certified quality parts to

your manufacturing facility. Contact us today for more information on vendor managed

inventory benefits and options.